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WordPress wins Hall of Fame CMS Award

Birmingham, UK. 19 November 2010 - Packt Publishing is pleased to announce that WordPress has won the Hall of Fame Award in the 2010 Open Source Awards. Hall of Fame CMS is a category introduced to the Award last year, which features a competition between the previous winners of the Open Source CMS Award; Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress.

With this award, WordPress has gone from winning the Open Source CMS Award last year to winning the Hall of Fame CMS category, reserved for the biggest projects in the Content Management Framework industry.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told Packt, “On behalf of the entire WordPress community I'm honored to accept this award, it's a great recognition of all the hard work and effort we've invested into WordPress. We envision a day when every man, woman, and child will be able to have an effortless beautiful website powered by Free software."

“It has been my experience that most people that use CMS software want one thing above all, which is simplicity. WordPress is not only simple to use, it allows users to add, edit, and delete content and enables users to change the look and feel of the website with maximum ease.” Added Mark King, technology consultant and one of the judges for the Hall of Fame CMS category. “WordPress is easy to use, has great support from its community, improved extensibility and high performance which allows it stand out from other content management frameworks.”

This final announcement marks the end of the 2010 Open Source Award. The Award continued to be a great success with over 7,000 nominations received and over 24,000 votes received across six categories.

For more detailed results across all the categories and more information about the Award, please visit: https://www.packtpub.com/open-source-awards-home.

About the Open Source Awards

The Open Source Awards is an annual online event held by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source projects. The Award, formerly known as the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Award, is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward a wide range of Open Source projects.

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