vineri, 19 noiembrie 2010

N900: How to connect Wifi protected setup compliant Network

Recently when i try to connect Wifi Network that has “WiFi protected setup complaint” (padlock with 2 keyholes), it prompt me to choose to Easy Setup (push a button from wifi station) or Pin Method (enter a pin). No matter which method i choose, all end up failed to connect even i have the password. After some googling, i finally found the solution.

First Go to your Menu -> SettingsChoose Internet Connections -> Click on “Connections” button and click “New”Now you phone should be able to detect that network and add that Wifi protected setup complaint network from here.Once done, try to connect to the network and you will see the network has a green tick icon now and you should be able to connect to it

Menu > Setting > Internet Connections > Connections > New then add back that wireless network thru the wizard

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