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How to remove Powered By Prestashop footer link

A friend ask me how to remove the “Powered by Prestashop” link from the footer of his site. After some study, i realize that “Powered by Prestashop” link is manage by a module and not hard coded within the template itself. So to remove the link you need to modify the module template file instead of theme template file.

First go to your theme directory and check if there is any a ‘modules’ directory name “blockvariouslinks”. If yes, then u can easily remove the Powered By Prestashop link in the file below:- prestashop/yourtheme/modules/blockvariouslinks/blockvariouslinks.tplIf there is no “modules” directory in your theme, then you can modify this file instead:- prestashop/modules/blockvariouslinks/blockvariouslinks.tplOnce you remove the “Powered by Prestashop” code and save, refresh your front office and the link should be removed by now.

happy shopping!

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