vineri, 19 noiembrie 2010

PrestaShop 1.3.2 themes available now

Prestashop 1.3.2 (also known as is now available for download from

All our premium themes and free themes have been updated to be natively 100% compatible with PrestaShop 1.3.2 (also known as

Please note that, no matter where you get your PrestaShop theme from, older themes may not be 100% compatible with PrestaShop 1.3.2 and may have issues if used as-is.  Make sure you get themes that are specifically designed for PrestaShop 1.3.2.

Themes for the older PrestaShop 1.2 are still available here. All our premium download pages will provide multiple download links — one link for PrestaShop 1.3.2 theme, one link for PrestaShop 1.3.1 theme and one link for PrestaShop 1.2 (1.2.4/1.2.5) theme.

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