miercuri, 24 noiembrie 2010

Croll Custom CSS Module

A new module which let you include CSS files on each page according to different params:

. The name of the php file
. The value of variables

For example i can include beautiful.css on all pages, product_special.css only for products which id 3 and 4, content_magnifier.css to sitemap.php, my_custom_page.php and CMS page with id 3. Etc.

At this time, there is no interface for CSS upload. You need to put them in the “css” folder of the module.

Only tested with Prestashop 1.3.
This module is in beta version and licensed under GPLv2.

You can download it here.

Croll Custom CSS Module, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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