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THE Richest Blogger In The World Posted By : Arland

Real Blogging to the bank is an art that comes to some of the most prolific writers of modern times, then there are the others who are in it for the money and the fame.

Many celebrities and artist all around the world have taken big time to micro blogging at twitter, with some stars who have a fan following that runs into millions. However its time to also reveal the 'Big Money Side' where the new generation make use of modern technology to conquer the entire writing and blogging process. Outsourcing the writing process comes at a reasonable cost and seems like a worth while investment to some when they are also backed up by a traffic generating software.

Moral of the story is that it all can be revealed to you at a price. There are several ghostwriting service operators, who can churn out articles based on the key word recommendations made by the blog owner. It doesnt stop there as this process seems to be accepted by many directory services as long as the 'works' are only used by the blogging site and no other third party.

Most 'blogging for fun' types do not know the financial potential of the little things that they pen down every day. Armed with the right tools this newbie writer can turn into a formidable force and in the long run even earn a decent income from the same blog being viewed by millions of readers all across the world. One such blogger was Rob Benwell who is the classic story of rags to riches.

Rob Benwell a small time store clerk ventured into blogging in and around 2005, Now this was the time his only earning scope was minimum wage. Following this low stint he went on to create the Click bank best seller ' Blogging To the Bank 2010, which has recently broken all time records set by earlier blogging products.

His most recent introduction is the 'Blogging Espionage' which looks extremely promising on the click bank top hundred digital products.

I have subscribed to several techniques prescribed by Rob Benwell and must say that they have brought me some mean money.

I got his book as soon as I could and it covers quite a lot of new information and techniques to adapt your blog to the new demands of the major search engines. Many of the techniques in the old book are now dated and don’t work so well. This is why Blogging To The Bank 2010 is a godsend.

Also this guy doesn’t consider himself to be a “guru”, he’s just a normal guy who wants to help the little guys out. I find this a nice change as he doesn’t talk “down” to you like most of the other guys do. He explains everything in a nice simple manner so everyone can understand.

Finally the ultimate decision is yours to make:if you are out there in the blogging world and want to make money the easy way then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 2010. Article Directory : http://www.articlecube.com

Arland is avid researcher of blogging and technology that effects various social networking forums. visit his bog at www.buyhyperfbtraffic.com

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