luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

Escher CMS 0.9.0 Released

We're pleased to announce general availability of Escher CMS 0.9.0. Escher CMS is a new content management system built especially for web designers and developers creating client websites.

Escher CMS focuses on building beautiful, powerful and flexible sites. If you have used Textpattern or Radiant, you will immediately feel at home with Escher CMS, as it draws inspiration from those as well as other popular CMS products, while also adding its own unique features and capabilities into the mix.

Escher CMS is a free open source self-hosted solution, featuring an intuitive web-based administration area where web designers/developers build the site and clients can manage it once deployed.

A sampling of Escher CMS's powerful feature set:

Consistent, easy-to-understand semantic modelFull control over your site's URL structure, nesting of sections and pages to any depthEscherTalk XML-based page design languagePowerful per-page templating system with inheritanceGlobal design elements ("snippets") for organizing and reusing template codeUnlimited nested categories for organizing contentUnlimited per-page content elements ("parts")Global content elements ("blocks") can be shared among multiple pagesClean separation between design elements and content elementsBuilt-in theming engine with theme inheritanceRole-based access control and granular user permissionsSupports SQLite and MySQL databases3-layer caching architecture for lightning-quick page generationForm-building with field validationMultiple sites from a single installationEasily extended via robust plugin mechanism

To learn more, see a demo or download Escher CMS, visit the Escher CMS Project Site:

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