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How to install PrestaShop language pack

Jan 29, 2010 PrestaShop Customization, PrestaShop Tips

Here are the complete steps for installing a new language for your PrestaShop online store website. Also given here are are some steps not mentioned by the official wiki/tutorial.

Steps 1 to 3 are the initial preparations (language files, images etc) needed before you can activate the new language through your PrestaShop back-office area.

Download the language pack file, xx.gzip, to your computer from — where xx is the two letter ISO code for your country/language.Download flag icon to your computer from — or right-click and save the icon from a “No-Picture” image in your own language. You can see example of this image on your PrestaShop site in the folder /img/p/ — look for such image as en.jpg or fr.jpg. Create a similar size image (250 x 250 pixels) for your own new language.Go to your site’s Admin > Tools > Languages, click Add New. Enter the details and click Save.
The Flag: is the flag icon image that you downloaded in step 2. The “No-Picture” image: is the one you created in step 3.
Go to your site’s Admin > Tools > Translations > Translation exchange > Import a language pack.

Click Browse and choose the GZIP file you have downloaded in step 1, then click Import.Now your new language should be working if you are using the default PrestaShop theme.If you use your own custom theme/template, you may see a warning at Admin > Tools > Languages (yellow triangle icon) — You need to copy the language file from the default theme to your custom theme.

Copy from:


(The above is only an example. Different languages will have different file names — xx.php)

Further customization:
You may see that some translations are not complete or your custom theme has extra words not available in the default language pack. So, you should add the words yourself:
Admin > Tools > Translations > Modify Translations > click your language flag icon, then fill in the missing words and click Update translations.

Compatiblity: Tested on PrestaShop 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 (other versions should follow similar method)

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