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How to market content effectively for both genders

We all know men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and the differences between men and women are far too varied and extensive to detail in any one place. Yet to effectively tailor your content marketing strategy to reach the desired audience, be it male, female or both, you need to understand what each is most likely to respond.

Tips from Writing on the Web advise us that that for every 1 word a man says each day, a woman will say 3 times as many - supporting the old myth that women like to talk, discuss and debate matters before forming their opinion.  Men tend to live in the present, making snap decisions based on absolute facts.

Thus, the way you market your content must be adapted for each gender. For women, your content needs to speak to them directly, addressing their individual requirements and explaining how you will meet them now and in the future. It's not just about the content, it's also about how it can nurture theirs and their family's personal development - speaking to their core values.

Meanwhile Business Week claims that where 58% of women are annoyed by the way their gender is represented in advertising, 79% of men don't even recognize when an advert is portraying their gender.  They are focused not on the visualization of the content, but the content itself -which needs to say "this is what we'll do, and this is how much it'll cost...". 

Returning to Writing on the Web, we have the suggestion that to play to the typical male's goal-orientated attitude, provide clear, linear content that is headed towards a finish line. To attract your female audience, focus on value and convenience within your content, and encourage them to participate - making an effort to understand their needs.

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