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Why Designers Should Stay Healthy And Happy

Many times you should have experienced bursts of creative ideas, of things you want to do and for the world to see just after the lady of your dreams accepts you as her man. Happy moments give birth to extraordinary ideas, of things one can’t hope to have when lonely and sick.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” –  Benjamin Franklin

Surely, most healthy people are happy with their lives and vice versa. Being unhappy for more than the normal amount of time is life-wrecking. Some day you just have to get up and stir yourself to life again and take on the challenges that awaits you no matter how grave the thing you must rise up from. Then there are people who are neither happy nor sad, they simply don’t care about things. What will you expect from a designer who is oblivious of things, who is apathetic? No client would want another Van Gogh (I love Van Gogh, seriously). Although in the past most creative geniuses are used to locking up in the attic or in their basement alone for months at a time to create artworks that are now sold for thousands of dollars, what the world needs today are artists who can communicate well with people and can express emotions no matter how macabre or jolly the design should be.

If you live a healthy and happy life then chances are you will do well in most of the things you do, no matter what the outcome is. However, success does not always entail being victorious in every thing you do but means how able are you to recuperate and continue.

Just look at the very successful people in their own trade today, they are happy with their lives and are living a healthy lifestyle which is reflected in their works. Isn’t that noble?

First you must asses yourself if you are lacking either or both.

Designers should always have fresh ideas, as such it is important to have a fresh experience as soon as time permits. Creation is a continuous process, this applies to movies and book releases too. It wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself to the movies once a month or buy and read a book that interests you, aside from fulfilling your little “cravings” you are automatically making your mind open to new stimuli. Hit the gym a couple of times a week, walk your dog, go swimming, destroy a friend’s house; just be happy and your health will follow.

Easier said than done but there’s a fun way to combat procrastination and ill-will by creating a list of things you want to do. “I want to drink a gallon of vodka in 10 minutes” ? Let’s set some ground rules for you to follow to avoid gulping a gallon. Steps first.


Write things that you really want to do –  no restrictions.Write things you think are fun to do (even if you really don’t want to).Be realistic.Consider various things like the food you wish to eat, someone you’d like to reconnect with, a place where you want to go, et cetera.No editing, yet.


Cross out the things that will put your health at risk.Remove things that might hurt others.Do not cheat by removing the things that will tire you out.Remove all work-related items. The goal is to have fun!


Set a specific date when you should have accomplished all the items.Execute them little by little.Enjoy.

Watch The Bucket List if my explanation is not clear.

The trick is to maintain your daily routine, less risky and is proven to work. But as everything wears and tears, so does your routine’s effect on you. The things that you are currently doing to stay healthy and happy should evolve with you as you mature. Consider it like eating your favorite pasta every day for a month. The excitement of finally eating it after a day’s hard work wears off slowly and the taste will be less delicious than what it used to be, correct? This is the reason why the experienced, and happy people, are always saying to do new things whenever possible.

Once in a while do things that are out of your comfort zone. Are you so used to designing in front of your computer that doing your art in another medium would be a waste of time? Try doodling on the sand, simple things such as this will hopefully spark that creative genius inside you.

Exercise and eat foods that will boost your health. Your mind is more active and is more flexible when the body it is in is strong and happy! Try smiling now, come on! Did you just smile? It’s fine smiling while you are alone but not always. *laughs*

Now, share your thoughts!

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