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Liferay releases Liferay Enterprise Support Application

Yesterday, I received a press release from one of Liferay's marketing people. Instead of just publishing the press release, I thought I'd also include the part of the email that also introduces the product. This is a  good way for you to get an insider's look to how marketing relationships between a site such as CMS Report and the CMS companies are established. Kyle's introduction to the product actually peaked my interest into Liferay more than the press release and may help you consider Liferay as part of your enterprise solution.

Hi Bryan,

Liferay (makers of the Java open source portal that was recently voted a leader in Gartner's magic quadrant), has developed its own support issue tracker that is included in the Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Editions. Liferay used to use JIRA, but needed to make some tweaks to simplify the support process - so they built this using their own Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition.

Liferay is used by hundreds of thousands of developers; as Gartner reported in the report above, a "surprising amount" of enterprises ask Gartner about Liferay's portal.

Press release is below.

Los Angeles, CA - November 30, 2010: Liferay, Inc., provider of the market’s fastest growing enterprise portal product, recently announced the availability of the Liferay Enterprise Support Application (LESA), a new multifaceted support issue tracker, designed to simplify and streamline the enterprise support experience for its customers. The web application, available through the Liferay Customer Portal, provides Liferay Enterprise Edition customers a clean and simple interface to improve interactions with the Liferay support team.

LESA features a simplified user interface that greatly improves the support experience for both developers and non-technical administrators. Customers will benefit from having one application that aggregates, organizes, and monitors disparate data and services in the support process. Customers can now search tickets by username, issue severity, due date, and other attributes. This will simplify how customers track open tickets and allows them an efficient escalation process. LESA’s ability to issue multiple assignees also improves productivity by permitting more people to work on a ticket at a given time.

“Customers who have tested LESA have been very pleased with the capabilities and have reported quicker and more accurate resolutions,” said Craig Kaneko, Liferay’s Director of Support and Subscription Services. “Customers report that usability and accessibility are much higher with LESA than what is available from other support systems, including those of the world’s largest software providers.”

Built entirely on Liferay Portal 6EE, LESA, is now available to all Enterprise Edition customers. For more information, please visit A free 30-day trial of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition is available upon request by contacting

About Liferay, Inc.

Liferay is the provider of leading enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products, used by companies worldwide, including Allianz, AutoZone, Benetton Group, Cisco Systems, Lufthansa Flight Training, The French Ministry of Defense, and the United Nations. The company offers professional services, technical support, custom development and professional training to ensure successful deployment in the most demanding IT environments.

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